Tuesday, July 20, 2010

5 Tips for Moving Local

So we're getting ready to move into a new apartment. It's actually across the street! We were looking for something bigger, but we like the location. We really lucked out with this apartment. It's $200/month more than our current apartment, but it's over 50% bigger!

As I've been moving, I've thought of some ways that I've found that have made moving a lot easier, so I thought I'd share. Granted, with only a two-bedroom apartment, it's not quite the same task as it would be if we had a whole house, but I think these tips can scale up, so hopefully I'll include something that helps you.


Image by Meathead Movers

Everyone needs boxes to move. This is especially essential if you're moving to a new state and everything has to be packed up before you can move. But boxes can be expensive to buy. One way to save is to get boxes from stores. In our area, I know you can have boxes saved for you from both Walmart and Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but I'm sure a lot of stores are willing to do it. I got my boxes from Walmart. To do so, I had to call the night before (before they started stocking the shelves) and ask them to reserve some. As they stocked, they put some of the good boxes in a cart. Otherwise, they crush all boxes by 6:30 a.m. This way they knew to reserve them. I also had to pick up the boxes by about 7 a.m. or they would have gotten rid of them. Totally worth it for free boxes.

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