Monday, October 15, 2012

Review of Aerobed - Queen

So we bought an Aerobed a few years back from Costco. It's been great because we don't have a large home, certainly not one big enough to have a guest bedroom, and so when we've had family come visit, it's been great to pull it out and use it.

Here's my take on the Aerobed: It's great but don't expect it to last forever.

Basically what I mean is this is a nice bed that is comfortable and convenient. When I was pregnant (both times), I ended up not being able to sleep with my husband. First of all, he's a light sleeper and with me getting up two times a night to pee, it was not ideal (it often takes him an hour or more to get back to sleep if he's woken up in the night). Two, I had the WORST lower back pain whenever I'd try to sleep in our bed, but on the air mattress, I could fill it up fuller so it gave more support and either no back pain or a lot less back pain (just another reason why I think a SleepNumber bed would be great, though I don't have any personal experience with that).

Basically, I don't know how I would have gotten through my pregnancies without the Aerobed. It was a lifesaver.

Still, since we got our first one, about five years ago, we've had to replace it twice because eventually it starts losing air. You can get kits or figure out how to patch it if you want, but considering the cost (each was between $100 and $130 at Costco) and the fact that each lasted a couple years (we've only had our most recent one for a year or so now) and the fact that I used it for months on end (I think I used it for 7 months of the 9 for my second pregnancy with MW), I would say that it's worth the cost.

Just the Facts

Store: Costco
Price: $130
Date Purchased: April 2012
Rating: 4/5

For what it is and how comfortable it is, it's totally worth the cost. It's easy to set up and take down and store. If you need a guest bed that will be comfortable but not in the way, an Aerobed is the way to go.

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