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Using a Sounds for Silence White Noise Machine to Help Babies Sleep

When you have a newborn baby, nothing is better than the sound of your baby sleeping ... especially if you're dead tired from exhaustion. You will do anything to help your baby sleep longer. There are many techniques for getting your baby to sleep, but what about keeping your baby asleep?

MW just a few hours old.

What Is a White Noise Machine?

A white noise machine, or brown noise generator, produces ambient noise that is soothing and helps block out noise from other rooms and outside. Some white noise machines play a prerecorded track while others produce organic noise with a fan.

How Can Background Noise from a Noise Making Machine Help My Baby Sleep?

By blocking out background noise, your baby can sleep longer and more soundly. This is especially important if you have children who are older who might wake your baby up early from a nap or in the mornings, and even more especially if you, like me, live in a very small house/apartment (i.e. our toddler's room is on the other side of the wall from our TV).

Alex when he was just an iddy-biddy 'ittle baby
According to Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, "Most babies sleep better when a harsh, continuous white noise plays near their bassinet. These womb-like sounds drown out other distracting noises and have a profoundly lulling effect. ... [T]he mere addition of white noise to your baby's nursery may extend his sleep by an hour or two."

Authors Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack of The Sleepeasy Solution also recommend it. "Protect your child from distracting sounds ... with some steady white noise. ... Once your child is sleeping better, feel free to see if he can do without it. Some kids, though, will always sleep better with white noise and ... it's a harmless [sleep association] as it does not interfere with sleep but actually should enhance it."

With so many benefits to white noise machines, it's no wonder so many parents are using them as sleep aids for their kids. It's easily controlled (unlike pacifiers which can be lost and music which eventually stops). You can have a white noise machine playing throughout the night if needed.

Options for a Baby Sound Maker Including Sounds for Silence

There are quite a few options out there when it comes to providing a sweet bliss for your baby's room.

Sounds for Silence Nursery Sound Machine
Sounds for Silence Nursery Sound Machine, via Amazon
One of the most well-loved is the Sounds for Silence Nursery Sound Machine by First Years. This machine has many options including white noise sounds and music. Some parents find the sounds "odd," but they were designed by Dr. Harry Zehnwirth specifically for babies because the sounds soothe them. There are lots of options, so you're sure to find one that's just right for your little one.

Another white sound maker designed for little ones is Graco's Sweet Slumber Sound Machine. Designed to create white noise as well as being compatible with mp3 players, this white noise machine comes with a timer and 12 sounds including lullabies and nature sounds.

For a model with decent reviews, check out the Conair SU1W Sound Therapy. This also has options for other noises besides just white noise, such as falling rain, ocean waves, and tropical forest. This could be great white noise for studying, for those who are students or who are parents of students.

Want to go simple with just a straight white noise machine (no frills), check out the Dohm-SS Single Speed Sound Conditioner. This is a great option if you need a loud sound machine or a soft one. It has a volume control for high and low but can also be adjusted using the top and side screens. It doesn't have all of the options but really, you probably will only need the basic white noise machine option. It should be noted, however, that this is an organic white noise machine. Where other machines play a pre-recorded white noise sound, this white noise is created by using a fan inside the machine. Users love it as well, with a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.

Why a White or Brown Noise Generator Might Help You as Well

Via Amazon
As a parent, we need sleep. Often our kids wake us up way too early (sometimes at 3 a.m. because they think that's "wake up" time. When is 3 a.m. ever a good time to wake up?). By using a white, pink or brown noise machine (whatever color you prefer, really) in your room, you may be able to avoid getting up quite so early. These machines can help block out the noise of your kids so you can get that precious extra hour of sleep before you have to get up.

We personally use the Dohm-SS Single Speed Sound Conditioner so I can personally vouch for that one. It's just basic white noise, but it's still going strong after 5+ years of use (and since we often forget to turn it off, it's often on all day too). We have one for our bedroom and one for our boys' bedroom and neither of them have had a problem. We've taken them on trips (both plane and car) and they're pretty small so they fit in luggage easily.

So if you're looking for a way reduce noise pollution that reaches your baby, whether traffic sounds, booming music from neighbors, construction or just your other kids having fun, consider getting a white noise machine. Do any of you use white noise machines? What kind do use? Tell me in the comments :).

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  1. My daughter is 21 months old and we have been using white noise machine for baby since she was 3 months old, mostly she sleeps well with it. and yes, it has been a sleep saver for the whole family!


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