Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards for Kids to Take to Class

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to create Valentine's Day cards? There are free printable designs found online by those who are creative and talented at graphic arts. Here are some I've found that would be easy and cute.

Owl and Monster Valentines

If you have a daughter, maybe an owl-themed valentine is more her thing. Check out this cute owl design from Deal Wise Mommy:

If your kids are more into monsters, then Deal Wise Mommy has that covered too.

Other designs from Deal Wise Mommy include a mustache design and a rock music design

Bug Valentines from Ellinee

Another fun design comes from

Or enjoy some with jungle animals from the same site:

Both are so cute, I don't know how to decide which I like best!

Geeky Valentines

If you or your kids enjoy the geeky things in life, check out the free printables from Epbot, which feature Portal designs. 

Boy Valentines

If you're looking for printable valentines for boys that are more "manly," check out these ones from One Charming Party featuring dinosaurs, superheroes, and diggers:

With so many fun designs, you should have plenty of choices for your kids' valentines day. I so wish I'd had these when I was a kid! Which design did your kids choose for their Valentines?

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